HAGERO puts its customers’ satisfaction and transportation safety first. Therefore, the goods transported with HAGERO are covered by a CMR insurance worth 1 million euros. In addition, we are constantly taking care that our vehicles are functioning optimally and our curtain side semitrailers have XL anti-burglar certificates, CASCO insurance and CMR.

On the other hand, we have implemented various fixtures of the goods transported, according to the volume, type and dimensions in order to increase the efficiency and safety of goods both during transportation and loading or unloading.

Types of fixtures implemented by HAGERO:

  1. Multi Lock / Multi Block – The side steel beam allows the goods to be secured in several places as well as increase the rigidity of the retaining straps
  2. Multi Wall – is a system that consists of a supplementary side wall inside the trailer
  3. Multi Fix – is a mounting system specially designed for transportation of pipes or metal plates
  4. Multi Block Paper – is designed for paper rolls transportation and requires minimal fixture effort
  5. Multi Lash – thank to the pivoting securing rings, this system enables a diverse range of hooks to be used in conjunction with the straps, securing the flat goods optimally
  6. Multi Flex – is ideal for any other types of hooks that are used together with straps and anchoring chains
  7. Multi Flex Flat – is an adapter for flat belts, which allows the fixture of tension straps above the external frame to secure the flat cargos as well as metal sheets or heavy boxes
  8. Multi Screw – is a fixture system based on a screwing system, which facilitates the readjustment of the storage area, if necessary
  9. Multi Reel – is specially designed for securing the cable coils
  10. Multi Belt – consists of a tension strap fixated to the outside frame of the vehicle, to which an additional metal hook is added
  11. Multi Rail – consists of a rail disposed along the trailer’s floor, designed with two fixing points, intended for transportation of construction materials
  12. Multi Strap – is a tension straps system covering the entire length of the trailer, providing flexibility in securing the goods. The straps are rolled and attached to the top part of the trailer and can be easily moved as needed in any position with the help of a traction device.
  13. Multi Tyre Comfort – is very helpful in the storing and securing of tyres during transportation. It consists of a double wall side curtain, with five integrated vertical aluminum profiles on each section of the side pillars.