With our own fleet of 55 top of the line vehicles, we guarantee that your goods will arrive safely at the destination – in Romania or Europe.

HAGERO offers complete solutions for transportation of general or dangerous (ADR) goods, oversized goods, full truckload (FTL), less than a truckload (LTL), and special projects, domestically and internationally.

We provide full, high quality services for the most demanding customers, optimizing our fleet availability in accordance with the goods transported and the market requirements. Our trucks and therefore your goods are safe at any given moment.

We offer competitive and environmental friendly transportation, covering the whole Europe and tailored to the daily necessities of our customers. HAGERO uses a satellite tracking technology to monitor its fleet, developing and improving it constantly. The “Transics Fleet Management System”, the industry’s leader on the European market, monitors the entire fleet and provides ongoing support throughout the entire shipping period.

All our trucks are in perfect technical condition, our semitrailers have anti-burglary XL certification, CASCO insurance, and CMR. We understand the importance of time therefore we guarantee delivery of goods in time.
We perform double-manned or triple-manned urgent deliveries if requested. We design specific routes and combine complexity, efficiency and cost, to satisfy all our customers.

The HAGERO team is qualified and flexible, ready to provide customers with personalized service, regardless of the volume or frequency. We adapt quickly to meet customer needs and support their business by optimizing costs. We pay special attention to products delivered and services we provide to ensure the complete satisfaction of our clients.

HAGERO’s drivers have ADR certificates, language skills and are trained regularly in terms of health and safety at work, to always keep up to the expectations of our customers.

We constantly invest in our fleet and continuously renew it, keeping it up to international standards.

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